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Update, Thursday 5/7: Advance online ticket sales for MFF 2015 have closed, but tickets can still be bought for all screenings at our box office, located at 131 W. North Avenue. Each individual venue will also have tickets for their current screening, as available. We have also filled our two previously TBD screenings with additional screenings of The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution and our Shorts: Quartet program; please see those titles' pages for more details. 


  Closing Night: The Wolfpack
Directed By: Crystal Moselle

Crystal Moselle is a New York-based director working with short-form storytelling for the past decade. Her series Something Big, Something Small, featuring Pharrell Williams, Aurel Schmidt, and Shepard Fairey, was picked up by The New York Times. She also produced the feature documentary Excavating Taylor Mead, a portrait of the downtown artist and Warhol superstar, which was part of the 2006 Whitney Biennial. The Wolfpack is her first feature-length documentary as director. 

Hosted/Presented By: Crystal Moselle
Run Time: 84 minutes

This extraordinary documentary brings us into the lives of the Angulo brothers, who grew up homeschooled and in extreme isolation from the outside world in a Lower East Side apartment. Home video became their only window into the outside world, and they took to recreating their favorite scenes and styling themselves after films such as Reservoir Dogs. But when one of the brothers escapes the confines of their apartment, all of their lives are forever changed. A sensation at Sundance, where it won the U.S. Documentary grand jury prize, this is a documentary that delivers on the buzz, built on amazing access to truly incredible story and characters. 


 John Waters Presents: Killer Joe
Directed By: William Friedkin
Hosted/Presented By: John Waters

Legendary filmmaker John Waters is the writer/director of such films as Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Polyester, Hairspray, Cry-Baby, Serial Mom, Pecker, and A Dirty Shame. He is also renowned as a visual artist, public speaker, and author. His books include Shock Value, Crackpot, Role Models, and 2014’s Carsick.

Run Time: 102 Minutes

Legendary filmmaker John Waters has selected a favorite film to host within each Maryland Film Festival since its inaugural 1999 edition. This year’s choice is William Friedkin’s Texas-set neo-noir, with Matthew McConaughey as a cop who doubles as a hitman, and Emile Hirsch as a drug dealer who summons “Killer” Joe’s services—but quickly finds himself in over his head. 


6 Years
Directed By: Hannah Fidell
Run Time: 80 Minutes
Starring: Taissa Farmiga, Ben Rosenfield

The director of MFF 2013’s A Teacher returns with the story of Mel (Taissa Farmiga), whose future becomes unsettled when her long-term boyfriend Dan (Ben Rosenfield)’s career aspirations pose a threat to the stability of their relationship. Co-starring Lindsay Burdge and Joshua Leonard, and executive-produced by Jay and Mark Duplass, this poignant drama boasts real relationship insights and resonant, true-to-life performances.


A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile
Directed By: Sophie Deraspe
Hosted/Presented By: Sandra Bagaria
Sandra Bagaria grew up in the South of France. The eldest of 3 children, her family has roots in Syria, Egypt, Morocco, France and French Canada. This link to Québec initially brought the family to Montréal when Sandra was 8, and then for a short time to Vancouver before they returned to Bordeaux where she lived out her adolescence and early adulthood. After studying literature and working for a time in television licensing for a Paris station, and finding the intensity of life there unsustainable, she found herself back in Canada in 2003. Since then, Sandra has cultivated interests at the intersection of culture, media, technology and current affairs, working as a Special Project Coordinator at digital media studio Bluesponge, and for several years as the Senior Coordinator in the Director’s Office at the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Now an independent project manager based in Montréal, she specializes in cultural and media oriented ventures that run the gamut from gourmet food happenings to apps and interactive works.
Run Time: 84 minutes

Two women, Sandra in Montreal and Amina in Syria, meet online, and begin a flirtatious relationship that quickly turns serious. When Amina begins to blog as “A Gay Girl in Damascus,” she garners international attention as an outspoken representative of a marginalized community. Then Sandra hears that Amina has been kidnapped—and, in this fascinating documentary fueled by mystery, politics, and sexuality, she must examine how much about Amina she truly knows.


A Work In Progress: Writing Race: A Panel Discussion featuring Taylor Branch, Ta-Nehisi Coates, James McBride and David Simon
Hosted/Presented By: David Simon, Ta-Nehisi Coates, James McBride and Taylor Branch

*Online Advance Tickets Are No Longer Available For This Event*
We are working on ways to expand this event. Announcements will be made via our email list.  Please join our list for the latest updates.
The Maryland Film Festival (MFF) will present an extraordinary panel discussion featuring four members of a five-member writing staff currently tasked with writing an HBO miniseries based on the detailed history of the some of the most volatile years of the American civil rights movement.  The panel consists of Atlantic magazine editor and renowned essayist and commentator Ta-Nehisi Coates, National Book Award winner James McBride, HBO producer and former journalist David Simon, and Taylor Branch, whose Pulitzer-winning three-volume history of the civil rights movement is being adapted for the six-hour miniseries. 


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Beats of the Antonov
Directed By: Hajooj Kuka
Run Time: 65 minutes

War reporter and documentary filmmaker Hajooj Kuka takes viewers into the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain regions of South Sudan, where we meet displaced South Sudanese who live under the constant threat of bombardment from the Sudanese military via Antonov cargo planes. But defying familiar victim narratives, Kuka’s camera finds resilient people that summon strength and positivity from music, laughter, and a determination to maintain their culture against any odds.


Best of Enemies
Directed By: Robert Gordon & Morgan Neville
Run Time: 88 Minutes

In 1968, a ratings-starved ABC coordinated a series of debates between conservative journalist William F. Buckley, Jr. and liberal novelist and thinker Gore Vidal. The network garnered huge audiences—and perhaps a bit more than they bargained for, as high-level political discourse collided with name-calling and meltdowns. This Sundance-premiered documentary comes courtesy of Twenty Feet From Stardom director Morgan Neville, and author/filmmaker Robert Gordon (of MFF 2012’s Very Extremely Dangerous).


Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution
Directed By: Stanley Nelson

Stanley Nelson, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, Emmy Award–winning MacArthur “Genius Grant” fellow, and member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is the director of 12 documentary features, including The Murder of Emmett Till (2003), A Place of Our Own (2004), Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (2006), Freedom Riders (MFF 2010), and Freedom Summer (MFF 2014). He is cofounder of Firelight Media, which provides technical education and professional support to emerging documentarians. With seven films in competition at Sundance to date and multiple industry awards to his credit, Nelson is acknowledged as one of the premier documentary filmmakers working today. 

Stanley Nelson is expected to attend our Saturday evening (5/9) screening of Black Panthers

Hosted/Presented By: Stanley Nelson

Stanley Nelson, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, Emmy Award–winning MacArthur “Genius Grant” fellow, and member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is the director of 12 documentary features, including The Murder of Emmett Till (2003), A Place of Our Own (2004), Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (2006), Freedom Riders (MFF 2010), and Freedom Summer (MFF 2014). He is cofounder of Firelight Media, which provides technical education and professional support to emerging documentarians. With seven films in competition at Sundance to date and multiple industry awards to his credit, Nelson is acknowledged as one of the premier documentary filmmakers working today. 

Stanley Nelson is expected to attend our Saturday evening (5/9) screening of Black Panthers

Run Time: 113 minutes

Master documentarian Stanley Nelson has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to bring history to life with films such as Freedom Summer; The Murder of Emmett Till; and Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple.  Here he turns his lens on the revolutionary Black Panther Party and the various cultural forces that worked to support or destroy the group, creating an essential portrait of a singular radical moment in the American experience.


Breaking A Monster
Directed By: Luke Meyer

Luke Meyer’s first feature documentary Darkon won the Documentary Audience Award at SXSW in 2006, screened within MFF 2006, and aired on IFC in 2007 after playing in theaters across the country. He directed the documentary New World Order, which started airing on IFC in 2009, breaking the channel’s records for documentary VOD numbers. He has also edited, written and produced other award-winning films including King Kelly, Alice Neel, and The Feature, and is part of SeeThink Films in New York.

Hosted/Presented By: Luke Meyer

Luke Meyer’s first feature documentary Darkon won the Documentary Audience Award at SXSW in 2006, screened within MFF 2006, and aired on IFC in 2007 after playing in theaters across the country. He directed the documentary New World Order, which started airing on IFC in 2009, breaking the channel’s records for documentary VOD numbers. He has also edited, written and produced other award-winning films including King Kelly, Alice Neel, and The Feature, and is part of SeeThink Films in New York. Luke will host our Friday evening screening of Breaking a Monster


Run Time: 93 minutes
Starring: Unlocking the Truth: Alec Atkins (bass), Malcolm Brickhouse (vocals and guitar), and Jarad Dawkins (drums); and manager Alan Sacks

Viral-video sensation Unlocking the Truth, a teenage metal band from Brooklyn, navigate the bizarre current state of the record industry in this fascinating, fist-pumping, and often hilarious documentary. Fresh from its premiere at SXSW, this exceptional rock doc follows the band as they sign a major-label record deal and are suddenly caught up in an adult-driven world of contracts, tours, interviews, and branding. From Luke Meyer, co-director of MFF 2006 hit Darkon.


Call Me Lucky
Directed By: Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat Goldthwait was born in Syracuse, New York and started doing stand-up at the age of fifteen. Since the mid-1980s, he has appeared in dozens of films, many of them cult classics, including One Crazy Summer (1986), Tapeheads (1988), Scrooged (1988) and his own directorial debut, Shakes The Clown (1991). Bobcat's subsequent features Sleeping Dogs Lie (2007), World's Greatest Dad (2009), God Bless America (2012), and Willow Creek (2013) have all screened within MFF. His short Goldthwait Home Movies was screened within our 2009 Opening Night Shorts program, which Bobcat himself hosted. 

Hosted/Presented By: Bobcat Goldthwait (Saturday) and Barry Crimmins (Saturday and Sunday)
Run Time: 105 Minutes
Starring: Barry Crimmins

Since the 1980s, Barry Crimmins has established himself as a comedians' comedian, armed with a rapid-fire technique and a scathing political perspective aimed at shocking American audiences out of their complacency—even as he never quite gets the respect he deserves. Peers like Margaret Cho and Marc Maron join documentarian Bobcat Goldthwait in paying tribute to Crimmins’ many contributions to the comedy community and political activism over the decades.


Christmas, Again
Directed By: Charles Poekel

Charles Poekel is an independent filmmaker based in New York City. He has produced and photographed multiple award-winning theatrical documentaries including Hey Bartender (SXSW ‘13), Fake It So Real (MFF 2011) and Making the Boys (2010). He served as Post-Production supervisor on the Gotham-nominated Kati with an I (2010) and assisted on An Omar Broadway Film (HBO). His latest short film Uncle Floyd premiered at the 2014 Sarasota Film festival and won runner-up in the Hammer to Nail Short Film Contest in 2014. 

Hosted/Presented By: Charles Poekel
Run Time: 80 Minutes

Noel (Kentucker Audley) sells Christmas trees off a lot in New York, living a quiet and solitary life in the camper that anchors the site. As Christmas nears, a mysterious woman lands in Noel’s life, and tries to find a way into the closed-off, emotionally blocked world he’s constructed. Beautiful Super 16mm cinematography and unforgettable performances from Audley and Hannah Gross yield a moving character study of quiet, gentle humanism.


Crocodile Gennadiy
Directed By: Steve Hoover

Steve Hoover made his feature-film directorial debut in 2013 with Blood Brother, which won both Audience and Grand Jury awards at Sundance 2013. Also that year, he co-directed an award-winning documentary short film entitled Seven Days. Crocodile Gennadiy is Steve’s second feature. Hoover has also had a successful career in commercial campaigns. Currently, he is a commercial director at Animal. 

Hosted/Presented By: Steve Hoover
Run Time: 97 Minutes

This intense, visually stunning, and morally complex documentary uses a remarkable central character as a window into change and tumult in contemporary Ukraine. Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko wages a one-man war against drug abuse and serves as a tough-love father figure to homeless and at-risk youth, squaring off with dealers and intervening in the lives of addicts. But is vigilante action the answer to these problems? Executive produced by Terrence Malick.


Deep Web
Directed By: Alex Winter

Alex Winter started out as a child actor, starring on Broadway and then in films including the Bill & Ted franchise and The Lost Boys. Alex co-created, co-wrote and starred in MTV's The Idiot Box and the Fox comedy Freaked. Other directorial work includes Fever, a Cannes Official Selection, MFF 2013's Downloaded, and two Emmy-nominated Ben 10 movies for Cartoon Network.

Hosted/Presented By: Alex Winter
Run Time: 95 minutes

With Downloaded (MFF 2013), Alex Winter established himself as an expert at illuminating complex issues at the intersection of the internet and legality—and giving audiences intimate access to the personalities at the center of his story. Deep Web excitingly confirms that status, turning its lens on the online black market Silk Road, and digging deep into the still-unfolding story of Ross Ulbricht, the man accused of being the site’s creator and moderator, “Dread Pirate Roberts.”


Digging For Fire
Directed By: Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg’s many acclaimed films and web shows include Hannah Takes the Stairs (MFF 2007), Alexander the Last (MFF 2009), Uncle Kent (MFF 2011), Drinking Buddies (MFF 2013), Happy Christmas (MFF 2014), and the series Young American Bodies. He also co-directed and acted in the breakout horror film, V/H/S (MFF 2012). His films have premiered at such prestigious festivals as Sundance, Berlin, and SXSW.

Run Time: 85 minutes
Starring: Jake Johnson, Rosemarie DeWitt, Orlando Bloom, Brie Larson, Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick, Mike Birbiglia, Jane Adams, Sam Elliott, Judith Light, Ron Livingston, Melanie Lynskey, Megan Mercier

When young parents Tim (Jake Johnson) and Lee (Rosemarie DeWitt) agree to house-sit for a wealthy acquaintance, Tim finds something suspicious on the grounds—and an initial spark of intrigue becomes a consuming obsession. Joe Swanberg continues to take his unique working methods to the next level, with an amazing cast that includes Orlando Bloom, Brie Larson, Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick, Jane Adams, Sam Elliott, and Mike Birbiglia, working together to deliver an infectious mix of comedy, drama, romance, and thrills.


Do The Right Thing: Presented by Abdu Ali
Directed By: Spike Lee
Hosted/Presented By: Abdu Ali

Rooted in the ghettos of Baltimore, Abdu Ali raps, sings, and chants over unorthodox sounds, creating music that’s green, provoking, and quenching.  His work to conquer musical boundaries has put in him in genre categories along the lines of afro-futurism to punk to hip hop to “post-apocalyptic” sounding. Recently he has been also been inspired to DJ with sets that focus on music genres of subcultures from around the world, especially his hometown sound Baltimore Club. He is also the curator of the emerging boundary breaking KAHLON, a bimonthly music event in Baltimore. Unapologetically black and queer, Abdu Ali is bold, raw, and most importantly life-affirming.

Run Time: 120 minutes
Starring: Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, Bill Nunn, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Giancarlo Esposito, Joie Lee, John Turturro, Richard Edson, Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie Perez, Martin Lawrence

Spike Lee’s modern classic, detailing racial tensions and police brutality on the hottest day of summer in Bedford-Stuyvesant, has never been more crucial and relevant.  With the sounds of Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” blasting from boomboxes, this seminal film boasts cinematography from Ernest Dickerson, and an Academy Award-nominated screenplay (not to mention an iconic performance) from Lee; his phenomenal ensemble cast includes Ossie Davis, Danny Aiello, Rudy Dee, Rosie Perez, Joie Lee, Bill Nunn, John Turturro, and Samuel L. Jackson. Selected and guest-hosted by musician, DJ, and curator Abdu Ali.


Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of The National Lampoon
Directed By: Douglas Tirola

Douglas Tirola had his directorial debut with An Omar Broadway Film (Tribeca Film Festival, HBO Documentary Films) followed by the Award-Winning All In – The Poker Movie (Cinevegas, Showtime Networks). His most recent film was Hey Bartender (SXSW, Showtime Networks, Netflix).  Tirola’s producing credits include New York Times Critics’ Pick Making the Boys (Berlin Film Festival, First Run Features), and the critically acclaimed Actress (MFF 2014, True/False, Cinema Guild). His first job was as a PA on When Harry Met Sally.

Hosted/Presented By: Douglas Tirola
Run Time: 93 minutes

This uproarious documentary, which premiered at Sundance, brings the history of The National Lampoon to raucous life. In 1970, a new counterculture rag spun off from the Harvard Lampoon, launching a comedy revolution impacting not just the printed word but also film, television, radio, and beyond—and giving an early platform to some of the major talents of late-20th Century comedy.


Directed By: Rick Alverson

Rick Alverson is a filmmaker from Richmond, Virginia. His most recent feature Entertainment premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. The Comedy, starring Tim Heidecker, premiered in competition at Sundance in 2012 as well as screening at SXSW, Rotterdam, and MFF 2012. He has directed videos for Sharon Van Etten, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Benjamin Booker, and Angel Olsen, among others. 

Rick will host our Sunday, May 10th screening of Entertainment

Hosted/Presented By: Rick Alverson
Run Time: 105 Minutes
Starring: Gregg Turkington, Amy Seimetz, John C. Reilly, Tye Sheridan, Lotte Verbeek, and Michael Cera

Gregg Turkington, perhaps best known for his persona Neil Hamburger, stars as The Comedian, a beleaguered, Hamburger-ian performer who endlessly tours Grade-Z clubs and non-venues across America, shocking and dismaying audiences with his lewd and convoluted punchlines. At turns bleak, poignant, disturbing, and darkly hilarious, this fascinating and beautifully composed provocation from the director of The Comedy also features Amy Seimetz, John C. Reilly, Tye Sheridan, Lotte Verbeek, and Michael Cera. NOTE: Director Rick Alverson will host our Sunday, May 10th screening. 


Field Niggas
Directed By: Khalik Allah

Born in 1985, Khalik Allah is a multi-faceted director, filmmaker and photographer whose street photography is visually story telling at its grittiest. Shot in vibrant color film with an aged, grainy quality, Khalik's cinematic vignettes document hardscrabble life at the corner of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in Harlem (New York City). His vision is like no other, with the bulk of his photographs captured in utter darkness relying solely on available light from neon signs, street lamps, and shop windows. When Khalik isn't documenting Harlemites, he can be found making films and directing music videos. 

Hosted/Presented By: Khalik Allah
Run Time: 60 minutes

Street photographer Khalik Allah takes us into the nightlife of 125th Street and Lexington in Harlem, shattering the usual wall between documentarian and subject as he paints portraits of modern street life filled with love and humor, but also hard times and regret. An immersive documentary with a unique visual sensibility, Allah’s film comes to MFF fresh from wowing audiences at True/False and Sarasota.


For The Plasma
Directed By: Bingham Bryant and Kyle Molzan
Bingham Bryant lives and works in New York City. For the Plasma is his first film. He is currently working on a feature about ghosts and landscape gardening in New England.
Kyle Molzan is a filmmaker based in New York City. For the Plasma is his first film. He is developing a feature loosely based on Georges Simenon's time in America.
Hosted/Presented By: Bingham Bryant and Kyle Molzan
Run Time: 94 minutes
Starring: Anabelle LeMieux and Rosalie Lowe

A young woman joins a friend in a sleepy town in Maine, where they use computers and digital cameras to observe a nearby forest, collecting abstruse data used to make stock-market predictions.  This challenging, idiosyncratic piece of cinema-as-puzzle finds a film language all its own; shot on Super 16mm, it also boasts an evocative score by experimental composer Keiichi Suzuki.


Frame By Frame
Directed By: Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli

Alexandria Bombach is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker who lives on the road. Founding her production company RED REEL in 2009, Alexandria is known to sell all of her belongings to tell a story she believes in. In 2010, Alexandria set out to film 23 Feet, a 30-minute documentary about people living a simple life in order to do what they love in the outdoors. 23 Feet takes an in-depth look at what it means to live for your passions. The film screened at festivals in 15 countries and across the U.S. in a rogue distribution outlet: her 1970 Airstream with an outdoor theatre attached to it. Her Emmy award-winning 2012 film series, MoveShake, features real-life stories and lessons of people dedicating their lives to environmental and social issues. Focusing on character-driven films, Alexandria’s work is defined by her ability to get to the core of what drives passionate people to do what they do. 

Mo Scarpelli is a non-fiction filmmaker and multimedia journalist. Her curiosity of humans and her compulsion to expose the underexposed has led her to shoot in more than 15 countries around the world. Mo is the Founder and Director of Rake Films, which produces character-rich films and multimedia stories for news and non-profits. Rake's award-winning short films with non-profits have screened at the World Health Organization, the United Nations and in global health events across Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S As a journalist, Mo has published work with the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Africa Review, The Huffington Post and She holds a Bachelor's in Journalism from the University of Missouri, nearly 10 years of experience filming in unfamiliar territories, and that bottle opener on her at all times doubles as a tripod key. 

Hosted/Presented By: Mo Scarpelli

Mo Scarpelli is a non-fiction filmmaker and multimedia journalist. Her curiosity of humans and her compulsion to expose the underexposed has led her to shoot in more than 15 countries around the world.

Mo is the Founder and Director of Rake Films, which produces character-rich films and multimedia stories for news and non-profits. Rake's award-winning short films with non-profits have screened at the World Health Organization, the United Nations and in global health events across Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S.

As a journalist, Mo has published work with the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Africa Review, The Huffington Post and She holds a Bachelor's in Journalism from the University of Missouri, nearly 10 years of experience filming in unfamiliar territories, and that bottle opener on her at all times doubles as a tripod key. 

Run Time: 85 minutes

This SXSW-premiered documentary follows four photographers in contemporary Afghanistan. These members of an emerging free press risk life and limb to fill the photojournalist void left by the withdraw of international media—not to mention make up for lost time, as photography was banned under Taliban rule. Their images and stories are unforgettable.


Funny Bunny
Directed By: Alison Bagnall

Alison Bagnall is the writer/director of New York Times Critics’ Pick The Dish & The Spoon (starring Greta Gerwig and Olly Alexander), which premiered at SXSW in 2011, and went on the screen within MFF 2011. Current projects include Blue Eyes Brown Eyes, based on the true story of 1960's anti-racism educator Jane Elliott, and a serious comedy for television titled The Mendicants.

Hosted/Presented By: Alison Bagnall
Run Time: 85 minutes
Starring: Kentucker Audley, Joslyn Jensen, Olly Alexander, Josephine Decker, Louis Cancelmi, Anna Margaret Hollyman

The writer/director of The Dish & the Spoon returns with this offbeat, infectious mix of comedy and drama. Kentucker Audley stars as an obesity-awareness canvasser who strikes up a friendship with a wealthy, emancipated 19-year-old named Titty (Olly Alexander) and the animal-rights-activist object of Titty’s desire, Ginger (Joslyn Jensen). Co-starring Josephine Decker, Louis Cancelmi, and Anna Margaret Hollyman.


Directed By: Céline Sciamma

Girlhood (Bande de filles) is the third film from Céline Sciamma. Her first feature film Water Lilies screened at the 2007 Cannes Festival and won the Louis Delluc Prize for Best First film. It was followed in 2011 by Tomboy, selected for the Berlin Film Festival where it won the Teddy Award.

Run Time: 112 minutes
Starring: Karidja Touré, Assa Sylla, Lindsay Karamoh, Marietou Touré, Idrissa Diabate, Simina Soumaré

In a tough suburb of Paris, teenager Marieme navigates an often harsh, male-dominated world—her life taking a new turn when she finds a place within an initially hostile all-girl gang. From the director of Water Lilies and Tomboy comes an emotionally rich drama that wowed audiences at Cannes, Toronto, and Sundance, driven by an unforgettable lead performance from Karidja Touré.


God Bless The Child
Directed By: Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck

Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck have been making films over the past five years by any means possible. Chosen for Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film" in 2010, they have premiered three shorts at Sundance. Their short Waiting Room screened within MFF 2012, and their feature Forty Years From Yesterday premiered at LAFF and Locarno in 2013.

Run Time: 94 minutes

Four brothers spend a day on their own in Davis, California, with their thirteen year-old sister forced to look after them as best she can in the absence of their troubled and unreliable mother. This visually stunning experimental drama, which premiered at SXSW, turns an unflinching eye on the behavior of children in the absence of adults, with results at turns hilarious, awkward, poignant, and unnerving.


Henry Gamble's Birthday Party
Directed By: Stephen Cone

Stephen Cone is a Chicago-based filmmaker, educator and actor. His films include the Outfest-winning, New York Times Critics Pick The Wise Kids (Wolfe Video) and Black Box (Devolver Digital Films), the latter of which starred Josephine Decker and Austin Pendleton. As an actor/producer, Stephen starred in and produced Ignatiy Vishnevetsky’s narrative film debut Ellie Lumme (BAMcinemaFest) and was recently featured on Showtime's "Shameless." Stephen teaches film acting at Northwestern University and Acting Studio Chicago.

Hosted/Presented By: Stephen Cone
Run Time: 87 minutes
Starring: Cole Doman, Pat Healy, Elizabeth Laidlaw, Nina Ganet, Francis Guinan, Kelly O'Sullivan, Tyler Ross, Hanna Dworkin, Patrick Andrews, Meg Thalken, Daniel Kyri, Joe Keery

A pool party celebrating the seventeenth birthday of Henry Gamble (Cole Doman), the son of a megachurch preacher (Pat Healy), sets the stage for this expertly observed ensemble drama. As sunny skies fade into moonlight, director Stephen Cone (The Wise Kids, Black Box) offers a subtle and insightful portrait of a community full of pressures and secrets —exploring identity, sexuality, and organized religion in the process. World premiere.


In The Basement
Directed By: Ulrich Seidl
Run Time: 82 minutes

The director of the staggering Paradise trilogy, all three films of which were presented within MFF 2013, returns to the realm of intimate documentary with this stylized, disturbing, and darkly hilarious work. The basements of Austria open up to Seidl’s camera, revealing private lives built around such underground worlds as shooting ranges, taxidermy, BDSM, and Nazi memorabilia.


Directed By: Lisandro Alonso
Run Time: 108 minutes

Viggo Mortensen stars as a Danish engineer who’s travelled to Patagonia with his teenage daughter to work for the Argentine army. When she disappears, he ventures out in pursuit, embarking on a journey full of crises physical, emotional, and existential. Lisandro Alonso (MFF 2010’s Liverpool) works here not only with one of contemporary cinema’s greatest performers, but also a bold new visual approach.


Limbo (Hosted by Matthew Porterfield)
Directed By: Anna Sofie Hartmann

Born in Nakskov, Denmark, Anna Sofie Hartmann studied at the European Film College in Aarhus. Moving to Berlin in 2005, she worked at the studio of artist Olafur Eliasson as a videographer and photographer. In 2008 she began her studies in film directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). Limbo is her first feature. 

Hosted/Presented By: Matthew Porterfield

Matthew Porterfield is the Baltimore-based writer/director of Hamilton (2006), Putty Hill (2010), and I Used to Be Darker (2013), all of which screened within Maryland Film Festival. In 2012, Porterfield was a featured artist in the Whitney Biennial. He has curated and guest-hosted two previous films for MFF: Pedro Costa's Ne Change Rien in 2011 and Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel's Leviathan in 2013. His new short film Take What You Can Carry is screening within MFF 2015, in our Shorts: Quartet program.

Run Time: 80 Minutes
Starring: Annika Nuka Mathiassen, Sofía Nolsøe Mikkelsen

In a small port town in Denmark, high-school student Sara (Annika Nuka Mathiassen) grows increasingly fascinated by her young professor Karen (Sofía Nolsøe Mikkelsen), and her challenging ideas about gender, art, and life. This work of patient beauty screened at Rotterdam, San Sebastian, and SXSW, and will be hosted at MFF by guest curator Matt Porterfield (the director of Hamilton, Putty Hill, and I Used to Be Darker).


Opening Night Shorts
Directed By: Bryan Storkel, Angel Kristi Williams, James M. Johnston, Michael Mohan, Pippa Bianco
Hosted/Presented By: Hosts Darius Clark Monroe and Riley Stearns, and the MFF 2015 Opening Night Filmmakers

BAD BOY OF BOWLING (Bryan Storkel) From the co-director of Fight Church, a high-octane portrait of a bowling star with a plus-sized personality.

CHARLOTTE (Angel Kristi Williams) A coming-of-age story from the director of MFF 2012’s The Christmas Tree, a Baltimore native.

MELVILLE (James M. Johnston) A rapper struggling with personal pain finds release in music. Directed by the producer of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT (Michael Mohan) A couple sets up two friends for a romantic weekend. Winner of the narrative shorts jury award at SXSW.

SHARE (Pippa Bianco) A young woman returns to high school after being shamed by an explicit video. Winner of a special jury prize at SXSW.


People, Places, Things
Directed By: James C. Strouse
Run Time: 85 minutes
Starring: Jemaine Clement, Regina Hall, Jessica Williams

In this thoughtful and hilarious rom-com, Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords and What We Do in the Shadows stars as a graphic novelist whose comfortable life is shaken after walking in on his wife with another man. Downgraded to a tiny apartment and weekend status with his twin daughters, a bright spot appears when a student in a college art course he teaches challenges him to be more social and adventurous.


Prophet's Prey
Directed By: Amy Berg

Amy Berg is a critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her documentary Deliver Us From Evil (2006). Her film West of Memphis (2012) premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews. In 2014, she completed her narrative feature Every Secret Thing, as well as her highly anticipated documentary An Open Secret. Berg's company, Disarming Films, writes and produces long-form documentarties focusing on social justice. 

Run Time: 90 Minutes

The director of Deliver Us From Evil and West of Memphis takes us deep into another explosive story, that of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Exploring allegations of sexual abuse, family expulsions, forced marriages, and other horrors, this Sundance-premiered documentary paints an unforgettable portrait of conformity, fear, and oppression.


Reaper, The
Directed By: Zvonimir Juric
Run Time: 98 minutes
Starring: Ivo Gregurevic, Mirjana Karanovic, Igor Kovac

From Croatia comes this tense and moody drama about a quiet loner haunted by his criminal past—and by other residents of his small town, who won’t let him forget. When he stops one night to come to the assistance of a woman stranded by the roadside, his evening takes a strange turn, launching three intertwined plot threads that recall Haneke in their grim outlook and narrative potency.


Rebels of the Neon God
Directed By: Tsai Ming-liang
Run Time: 106 minutes
Starring: Lee Kang-sheng, Chen Chao-jung, Chang-bin Jen, Yu-Wen Wang, Lu Yi-Ching, Tien Miao

Over the last three decades, Tsai Ming-liang has produced one of the most impressive and distinct filmographies of our time, each starring unique presence Lee Kang-sheng. This is where it all began: Tsai’s first feature film, set amidst the streets, malls, and arcades of Taipei youth culture in the early 1990s. Newly restored, and enjoying its first release on the U.S. big screen. (1992)


Directed By: Andrew Bujalski
Hosted/Presented By: Robin Schwartz

Austin-based filmmaker Robin Schwartz is the editor of such films as Jonny Mars' America's Parking Lot (2012), Clay Liford's S/ASH (MFF 2013), and Margaret Brown's The Great Invisible (2014). She has worked in key capacities on both of Andrew Bujalski's most recent features, as a star of Computer Chess (MFF 2013), and as the editor of Results (MFF 2015). 

Run Time: 105 Minutes
Starring: Cobie Smulders, Guy Pearce, Kevin Corrigan, Brooklyn Decker, Anthony Michael Hall, Giovanni Ribisi

High-octane personal trainer Kat (Cobie Smulders) works for her friend, fitness guru and entrepreneur Trevor (Guy Pearce)—both of whom have their lives turned upside-down when nouveau riche couch potato Danny (Kevin Corrigan) arrives at their gym. The director of MFF 2013’s Computer Chess follows up that highly experimental work with something different: a romantic comedy with a stellar cast and a massive heart.


Sailing A Sinking Sea
Directed By: Olivia Wyatt

Olivia Wyatt is a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles, and a member of the Sublime Frequencies film and music collective. She directed, produced, shot and edited Staring Into the Sun (2011), a feature documentary, 136 page Polaroid book, CD and double LP of field recordings about tribal music and culture in Ethiopia, which was released by Sublime Frequencies. Her second feature, The Pierced Heart and The Machete (2013), explores two Vodou religious pilgrimages in Haiti and was also released by Sublime Frequencies. Her films have screened everywhere from the Barbican Museum in London to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles to Anthology Film Archives and BAM in New York. Her work has also been published in National Geographic, Capricious, Vice, Spin, Slate, Famous Magazine, Multimedia Muse, Tiny Vices, Elle and XLR8R

Hosted/Presented By: Olivia Wyatt
Run Time: 64 minutes

This experimental documentary, which premiered at SXSW, looks at the traditional lifestyle of the Moken people, a seafaring community of Burma and Thailand. Olivia Wyatt’s gorgeous and immersive film transports viewers deep into the turquoise sea and onto thirteen different islands, giving us intimate access to a culture where shamans, mermaids, and sea gods collide with present-day practices. Executive-produced by Will Oldham.



5 minutes - Director: Ornana
5 minutes - Director: Lynn Tomlinson
15 minutes - Directors: Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter
2 minutes - Director: Matt Reynolds
DAY 40
5 minutes - Director: Sol Friedman - Canada
5 minutes - Directors: Christina Felisgrau and Ronnie Rivera
2 minutes - Director: Lori Damiano
2 minutes - Director: Phil Davis
8 minutes - Director: Ryan Gillis
7 minutes - Director: Kelly Sears
5 minutes - Director: Meghdad Asadi Lari
4 minutes - Director: Alisi Telengut



AFTER HOURS, 2013-14 - 9 minutes - Director: Karen Yasinsky
CICATRIX - 7 minutes - Director: Jeremy Moss
HALLWAY - 5 minutes - Director: Leah Shore
HERD - 12 minutes - Directors: Ashley Sabin and David Redmon
IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS - 14 minutes - Director: Samuel Kuhn
THE INVITATION - 6 minutes - Directors: Jon Bougher and Tommy Chavannes
LEATHER - 3 minutes - Director: Jimmy Joe Roche
PICTURE PARTICLES - 6 minutes - Director: Thorsten Fleisch - Germany
vindmøller - 4 minutes - Director: Margaret Rorison
WAR PRAYER - 17 minutes - Director: Richard Wiebe



BITE RADIUS - 36 minutes - Director: Spencer Parsons
DREAM THROAT - 20 minutes - Director: Michael Arcos
TEARS OF GOD (work-in-progress) - 31 minutes - Director: Robert Hillyer Barnett



ACTRESSES -12 minutes - Director: Jeremy Hersh
CARAVAN - 6 minutes - Director: Keiran Watson-Bonnice - Australia
DIAMOND DAY - 7 minutes - Director: Sofia Banzhaf - Canada
I REMEMBER NOTHING - 18 minutes - Director: Zia Anger
MONA - 17 minutes - Director: Jocelyn Jacobs
ZARI - 20 minutes - Director: Courtney Marsh



24/7 - 15 minutes - Director: Jeanette Wagner
GRAND ZERO - 15 minutes - Director: Kevin Oeser
HERNIA - 10 minutes - Director: Jay Giampietro
JEWISH GIRLS ARE EASY - 14 minutes - Director: Charlotte Glynn
KISS KISS FINGERBANG - 11 minutes - Director: Gillian Horvat
MULIGNANS - 6 minutes - Director: Shaka King
THE OUTFIT - 12 minutes - Director: Yen Tan
PREGGO - 7 minutes - Director: Kristin Slaysman



414s: THE ORIGINAL TEENAGE HACKERS - 12 minutes - Director: Michael T. Vollmann
AMERICAN RENAISSANCE - 10 minutes - Directors: Jarred Alterman & Ryan Scafuro
BLOCKBUSTED - 6 minutes - Director: Ryan Weibush
BOB SPELLS BACKWARDS - 2 minutes - Director: Josh Polon & Ryan Maxey
CALL OF DUTY - 7 minutes - Director: Matthew Lenski
ELGIN PARK - 10 minutes - Director: Danny Yourd
PAPA MACHETE - 11 minutes - Director: Jonathan David Kane
SANDORKRAUT - 12 minutes - Directors: Ann Husaini & Emily Lobsenz
THE SWEAT SOLUTION - 17 minutes - Directors: David Beilinson & Neil Amdur



EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE - 15 minutes - Director: Eleanor Wilson
FULL-WINDSOR - 6 minutes - Director: Faraday Okoro
HAZE - 12 minutes - Director: Chloe Domont
KNIGHTSVILLE - 13 minutes - Director: Aly Migliori
LEAVES ON TREES - 17 minutes - Director: Nathan Duncan
LITTLE BLOCK OF CEMENT WITH DISHEVELED HAIR CONTAINING THE SEA - 16 minutes - Director: Jorge Lopez Navarrete - Spain
TZNIUT - 11 minutes - Director: David Formentin



BONIATO - 23 minutes - Directors: Andres Meza-Valdes, Diego Meza-Valdes, and Eric Mainade
EDGE OF THE WOODS - 15 minutes - Director: Grainger David
LARRY GONE DEMON - 14 minutes - Director Matthew Lawrence
SON - 14 minutes - Director Judd Myers
STAR CADETS - 5 minutes - Director Joe Nicolosi



THE BABY - 16 minutes - Director: Ali Asgari - Iran
CARNE SECA - 12 minutes - Director: Jazmin Diaz - Mexico
GREENLAND - 17 minutes - Director: Oren Gerner - Israel
JE NE SUIS PAS UN GRAND ACTEUR - 20 minutes - Director: Jean-Guillaume Bastien - Canada
STILL LEBEN/ STILL LIFE - 14 minutes - Director: Kai Sitter - Germany



PEARS - 17 minutes - Director: Karen Sztajnberg
Q.U.E.E.N. - 17 minutes - Director: Brittany Fennell
SARA & DENNIS - 12 minutes - Director: Shahin Izadi
SUPERIOR -16 minutes - Director: Erin Vassilopoulos
TUMBLE DRY LOW - 7 minutes - Director: Jefferson Stein
WE’LL FIND SOMETHING - 13 minutes - Director: Casey Gooden



Now screening three times: our Saturday May 9th 11am "TBD" slot at MICA Brown Center is now another opportunity to see this program!

 - 13 minutes - Director: Theo Anthony
DETOUR DE FORCE - 30 minutes - Director Rebecca Baron
SPARE ROOMS - 17 minutes - Director Matt Bowden
TAKE WHAT YOU CAN CARRY - 30 minutes - Matt Porterfield



BAD AT DANCING - 11 minutes - Director: Joanna Arnow
BLISSFUL BANQUET - 10 minutes - Director: Harrison Atkins
CROW HAND! - 3 minutes - Director: Brian Lonano
GUN SHY - 3 minutes - Director: Sam Goetz
HOT BEACH BABE AIMS TO PLEASE - 1 minute - Director: Jillian Mayer
INVADERS - 7 minutes - Director: Jason Kupfer
LA ISLA ESTÁ ENCANTADA CON USTEDES - 28 minutes - Directors: Alexander Carver & Daniel Schmidt
<3<><3<><3<> aka LOVE IS A RHOMBUS - 6 minutes - Director: Xander Robin
RONALD REAGAN PARDONS A TURKEY - 2 minutes - Director: Pacho Velez
THE SCHOOL IS WATCHING - 6 minutes - Director: Dan Schoenbrun


Showgirls: Presented by Alan Resnick and Dina Kelberman
Directed By: Paul Verhoeven
Hosted/Presented By: Alan Resnick and Dina Kelberman

Alan Resnick is a Baltimore-based filmmaker, comedian, visual artist, and member of the Wham City artist collective. He is also a creator of the Adult Swim shows Live Forever As You Are Now With Alan Resnick (2013) and Unedited Footage Of A Bear (2014).

Dina Kelberman is a new media artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. Her work has been featured by the New Museum and The New York Times and she recently downloaded the new Mariokart content.

Starring: Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan, Gina Gershon, Glenn Plummer

Intentional camp? Brilliant social commentary? A noble failure? Irredeemable trash? Books have been written exploring what Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop, Starship Troopers, The Fourth Man) was up to with this 1995 follow-up to mega-hit Basic Instinct. Starring Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan, and Gina Gershon, this seedy, Vegas-set film was derided upon its release but has lived on as a midnight movie and cult favorite. Selected and guest-hosted by Alan Resnick and Dina Kelberman of Wham City. 


Son of the Sheik w/ live score by Alloy Orchestra!
Directed By: George Fitzmaurice
Hosted/Presented By: Alloy Orchestra

Alloy Orchestra, comprised of Roger Miller, Terry Donahue, and Ken Winokur, have performed numerous times under MFF sponsorship, including the world premiere of their score for Phantom of the Opera, a remarkable screening of the restored Metropolis, and the first U.S. performance of the restored Man With a Movie Camera. They continue to write new scores, and revise their existing scores as new versions of films become available.

Starring: Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Banky, George Fawcett, Montagu Love, Karl Dane, Bull Montana, Bynunsky Hyman, Agnes Ayres

MFF favorites Alloy Orchestra have introduced new generations to the wonders of silent cinema with their innovative scores for films including The Lost World, Metropolis, and Man With a Movie Camera.  Now they return to MFF to accompany screen legend Rudolph Valentino’s final film, an adventure classic from the director of Mata Hari. (1926)


Stinking Heaven
Directed By: Nathan Silver

Nathan Silver graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2005. Since then, the filmmaker has written and directed four short films and five feature films: The Blind (2009), Exit Elena (2012), Soft in the Head (2013), Uncertain Terms (2014), and Stinking Heaven (2015). His films have played in prestigious festivals around the world, including Viennale, Vancouver, Melbourne, Slamdance, Sarasota, Torino, Munich, and BAFICI. Recently, Filmmaker Magazine named Silver “one of the most interesting emerging directors in U.S. indie film,” and he was profiled by The New York Times

Hosted/Presented By: Nathan Silver
Run Time: 70 minutes
Starring: Hannah Gross, Keith Poulson, Deragh Campbell, Eléonore Hendricks, Tallie Medel, Henri Douvry, Jay Giampietro

This ultra-dark comedy looks at a communal home for sober living in 1990s suburban New Jersey, which spirals into dysfunctional decline when an outsider arrives on the scene. Director Nathan Silver’s film boasts an uncompromising visual aesthetic that goes against the grain of contemporary indie filmmaking—not to mention a fantastic cast that includes Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Keith Poulson, and Eleonore Hendricks.


Tab Hunter Confidential
Directed By: Jeffrey Schwarz

Jeffrey Schwarz's previous films include I Am Divine (MFF 2013), HBO's Vito (MFF 2012), documenting the beloved gay activist and film scholar Vito Russo; Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story (MFF 2008), about the legendary Hollywood showman; and Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, a profile of '70s adult film star Jack Wrangler.

Hosted/Presented By: Jeffrey Schwarz
Run Time: 90 Minutes

Top-notch documentary biographer Jeffrey Schwarz has captivated MFF audiences with definitive looks at iconic personalities William Castle, Vito Russo, and Divine. Now he delivers the warm and intimate story of 1950s Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter, who simultaneously balanced a stratospheric career on the silver screen with a secret life as a gay man. From his rise to stardom to his reinvention as a cult-film star with John Waters—and a number of fascinating surprises—it’s all here.


Tired Moonlight
Directed By: Britni West

Britni West is a Minneapolis and New York City based filmmaker. Recently she served as set decorator on the Independent Spirit Award nominated film Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter (MFF 2014) and assistant director on the 2015 film 7 Chinese Brothers, starring Jason Schwartzman and Olympia Dukakis. After directing a series of short films,Tired Moonlight marks her feature film directorial debut. 

Hosted/Presented By: Britni West
Run Time: 78 Minutes
Starring: Liz Randall, Paul Dickinson, Hillary Berg, RainLeigh Vick, Alex Karpovsky, Charles Smith, Nicholas Stockton, Beck DeRobertis, Jenisha Love Green

Gorgeously shot vignettes built around a mix of local non-professionals and seasoned performers (including Girls’ Alex Karpovsky) coalesce into a rich and poetic portrait of a pit-stop town in Montana situated amidst stunning natural beauty. Tired Moonlight premiered at Slamdance 2015, where it took home the Jury Award for Narrative Feature, and went on to screen within such prestigious festivals as New Directors/New Films and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.


Two Shots Fired
Directed By: Martín Rejtman
Run Time: 104 Minutes
Starring: Susana Pampín, Rafael Federman, Benjamín Coelho, Camila Fabbri, Manuela Martelli

Veteran Argentine filmmaker Martín Rejtman brings his unique deadpan sensibility to the story of a sixteen-year-old who finds a gun in his house. He shoots himself out of boredom—but, after a near-miss with death, finds that the major change in his life is an annoying whistle in his chest, sabotaging the music he makes with an amateur recorder quartet.  A disloyal dog, a strange vacation, and a bizarre cast of characters add up to a quietly anarchic comedy that channels Aki Kaurismäki and Roy Andersson’s A Swedish Love Story as it refuses to play by conventional narrative rules.


Uncle Kent 2
Directed By: Todd Rohal

Todd Rohal is the writer/director of such features as The Guatemalan Handshake (MFF 2006) and The Catechism Cataclysm (MFF 2011); his work to most recently appear in MFF is the 2014 short Rat Pack Rat.


Hosted/Presented By: Todd Rohal and Kent Osborne

Todd Rohal is the writer/director of such features as The Guatemalan Handshake (MFF 2006) and The Catechism Cataclysm (MFF 2011); his work to most recently appear in MFF is the 2014 short Rat Pack Rat

Kent Osborne has received multiple Emmy Award nominations for his work as writer and storyboard artist on such animated television shows as SpongeBob SquarePants and Adventure Time. His other films as actor include Hannah Takes the Stairs, Nights and Weekends, and, of course, Uncle Kent.

Run Time: 73 Minutes
Starring: Kent Osborne, Kate Herman, Lyndsay Hailey, Jennifer Prediger, Steve Little, Joe Swanberg

Kent Osborne, the mild-mannered animator whose mundane daily routines and love life fueled Joe Swanberg’s Uncle Kent, is desperate to make a sequel—an idea that excites precisely no one else. But when Swanberg gives Osborne his blessing to take the idea elsewhere, things takes a decidedly warped turn, as MFF favorite Todd Rohal takes over at the helm, steering the film deep into the realm of psychotronic dark comedy.


Directed By: Kris Swanberg

Kris Swanberg began her film career studying documentary film production at Southern Illinois University. Using naturalistic techniques and often working with non-actors, she went on to focus her career in narrative film. Her previous work as director includes the features It was great, but I was ready to come home. (MFF 2009) and Empire Builder (MFF 2012), and the short Baby Mary (MFF 2014).

Hosted/Presented By: Kris Swanberg
Run Time: 85 minutes
Starring: Cobie Smulders, Gail Bean, Anders Holm, Elizabeth McGovern

High-school science teacher Samantha (Cobie Smulders), already dealing with stress and uncertainty as her low-income school prepares to close, finds out she’s pregnant. When she discovers her favorite student Jasmine (Gail Bean) is also with child, the two form a tight and unconventional bond. From Kris Swanberg (whose earlier features Empire Builder and It was great, but I was ready to come home. both screened within MFF) comes this refreshing character study that mines honest emotions and the quiet battlefields of love and friendship for real beauty and insight.


Directed By: Kiki Álvarez
Hosted/Presented By: Claudia Muñiz
Run Time: 74 minutes
Starring: Claudia Muñiz, Maribel García Garzón, Marianela Pupo

It’s payday, and three female coworkers at a hair salon in Havana head out for a night on the town, their moonlit partying encountering unexpected twists and yielding surprising personal revelations. This exciting independent Cuban/Colombian co-production not only gives us rare access to an insider’s view of Havana, it also displays a refreshingly frank and empowered take on female sexuality.


Welcome to Leith
Directed By: Michael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. Walker

Michael Beach Nichols is a Brooklyn-based documentary filmmaker. His 2013 feature debut, Flex is Kings, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was hailed as an "awesome documentary" by rapper Pusha T. Previously, he directed the viral short documentary Delivery, and was part of the Peabody Award-winning producing team behind Sundance Channel's 11-hour docuseries Brick City.

Christopher K. Walker edited and produced Flex is Kings, edited the award-winning film Triangle: Remembering the Fire, and edited the Emmy-nominated Hard Times: Lost on Long Island for HBO. He recently edited and co-produced Freeway: Crack in the System for acclaimed filmmaker Marc Levin. 

Hosted/Presented By: Michael Beach Nichols

Michael Beach Nichols is a Brooklyn-based documentary filmmaker. His 2013 feature debut, Flex is Kings, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was hailed as an "awesome documentary" by rapper Pusha T. Previously, he directed the viral short documentary Delivery, and was part of the Peabody Award-winning producing team behind Sundance Channel's 11-hour docuseries Brick City.

Run Time: 85 minutes

This edge-of-your-seat documentary follows the arrival of notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb to a small town in North Dakota, where he promptly buys up land for like-minded collaborators and disrupts town council meetings, leading to fears that he plans a neo-Nazi takeover. As his behavior escalates further into the outrageous and threatens to get violent, a once-placid community must decide how to react.


Directed By: Bill and Turner Ross

Bill & Turner Ross are brothers who work in tandem as documentary filmmakers. Their first feature, 45365, won the 2009 SXSW Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature and the 2010 Independent Spirit Truer Than Fiction Award. Other accolades for the film include nominations for editing, cinematography, and debut feature at the Cinema Eye Honors, and selection for broadcast as part of PBS’s Independent Lens series. Their second feature, Tchoupitoulas (MFF 2012), had its world premiere at SXSW in 2012 and premiered internationally at CPH:DOX, where it won Special Mention. The film also won the Emerging Artist award at the HotDocs Festival.  

Bill and Turner will host our Thursday night screening of Western

Hosted/Presented By: Bill and Turner Ross [Thursday night screening]
Run Time: 93 minutes

In the neighboring towns of Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Mexico, a rugged cattleman and a populist mayor navigate changing times as the specters of cartel violence and xenophobia threaten harmonious cultural and economic exchanges between the U.S. and Mexico.  Marked by muggy days and thunderous nights, this evocative and immersive documentary from the directors of 45365 and Tchoupitoulas delivers a thrilling mix of fascinating characters, riveting narrative, and extraordinary sensory detail.


Wonderful Cloud, A
Directed By: Eugene Kotlyarenko

Eugene Kotlyarenko (b. 1986, Odessa, USSR) resides in Los Angeles, California. His debut feature 0s and 1s was called “the ultimate has-to-be-seen-more-than-once movie” by The New York Times. He has directed viral music videos and adventurous web series, most recently Feast of Burden, released by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Hosted/Presented By: Eugene Kotlyarenko
Run Time: 81 minutes
Starring: Eugene Kotlyarenko, Kate Lyn Sheil, John Ennis, Lauren Avery, Rachel Lord, Vishwam Velandy, Elisha Drons, Niko Karamyan, Tierney Finster, Mikki Olson

When his ex-girlfriend visits him in Los Angeles to resolve some lingering business entanglements, Eugene seeks to revisit old feelings, and introduces her to an LA populated by a wild cast of artists, scenesters, and eccentrics. Variety called this gleefully anarchic romantic comedy “a raucous, wholly improvised 21st-century Annie Hall.” Starring director Kotlyarenko (whose 0s & 1s had its world premiere at MFF 2010) and Kate Lyn Sheil (Sun Don’t Shine, House of Cards).