Festival Staff

Jed Dietz - Director of the Maryland Film Festival, President of the Producer's Club of Maryland

The Executive Producer of the Fox Network's movie Rise and Walk: The Dennis Byrd Story, Jed Dietz is the founder and general partner of Film Development Partners. FDP is a limited partnership investing in ideas for feature film production. The fund has been used to develop ideas into screenplays for a variety of producers ranging from the actor Kevin Bacon to Larry Turman (The River Wild), and now has 15 projects in various stages of development.

In 1993, Mr. Dietz founded the Producers Club of Maryland, Inc., a not for profit corporation to help the Maryland Film Office attract more film and television production to Maryland. The organization represents business leaders from around the state and has been instrumental in a significant increase in the film business in Maryland in the past few years.

The Producers Club owns the Maryland Regional Production Guide, the only comprehensive "yellow pages" for film and television production companies; has its own Web site geared to the Guide (www.mdrpg.com); and organized a production conference, REELMaryland, for local businesses who want to learn more about the opportunities for increased business with production companies. The Producers Club funds and administers the Producers Club of Maryland Filmmakers Fellowship each year in partnership with Sundance Labs. The Producers Club has organized numerous premier screenings and marketing events on both coasts.

Mr Dietz graduated from Deerfield Academy, the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill where he was a Morehead Scholar, and he holds an M.B.A. from the University of Rochester. He serves on the Marketing Committee of the National Aquarium, and is on the Board of Baltimore's CenterStage.


Eric Allen Hatch - Director of Programming

Director of Programming Eric Allen Hatch graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland with a degree in History. Since 1997, he has contributed hundreds of film, music, and literature reviews to Baltimore's City Paper and other publications. He founded, programmed and hosted the Baltimore Museum of Art's Free First Thursdays Film Series, a free-to-the-public monthly film series that ran from Spring 2006 through Summer 2008, and which championed visionary international cinema of the 1960s and 70s. For several years, Hatch was a member of the screening committee for MicroCineFest, one of the country's premiere underground film and video festivals. He also co-founded the Red Room Collective, the organization behind the High Zero festival, an internationally lauded festival dedicated to experimental, improvised music.


Scott Braid - Programming Administrator

Programming Administrator Scott Braid completed a BFA in Cinematic Arts at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in the Spring of 2012. His love of film brought him to MFF as Tent Village Coordinator in 2008. He served as the Public Relations Coordinator in 2009 and joined the festival full time as Programming Administrator in 2010. Scott's spirit animal is an owl. He loves long walks on the beach and drinking champagne in a heart-shaped hot tub in the Poconos. He is an Aries with a waxing Gemini moon.


Rahne Alexander - Operations & Development Manager

Rahne Alexander has been in charge of MFF’s operations and development since 2011, and has worked with MFF in various capacities since 2008. A multimedia artist and a strong advocate of Baltimore's artistic identities, she has lent her talents to a number of Charm City's cultural institutions. Rahne performs music with her band, The Degenerettes, and co-hosts a regular live variety show, Everybody All The Time. Rahne has written and edited for various print and web publications, including Everyday Genius, the City Paper and Smile Hon, You're In Baltimore. Her film & video art has screened at the across the country, including the Baltimore Museum of Art, MIX (NYC) and Freewaves (LA) and she has participated in the production of a number of films, both on-camera and behind the scenes. 


Anna Danz - Parkway Campaign Manager

Born and raised in Maryland, Anna developed a passion for architecture’s role in building community at an early age. After graduating with a degree in Art History from St. Mary’s College of Maryland in 2012, she pursued a Masters in Architectural History and Certification in Historic Preservation from the University of Virginia. Her time as a development intern at Preservation Maryland, the statewide non-profit advocate for historic preservation, gave her a deep appreciation for the incredible local community of people seeking to shed light on the region’s cultural and artistic heritage. Anna is excited to bring her passion for historic architecture and her development skills to the Parkway Campaign, where she will manage and support fundraising efforts for the MFF Parkway Film Center. This new Film Center in the historic Parkway Theatre will not only highlight Baltimore’s unique film history, but usher in a new age of film in the city for generations to come. As for film, she can, and will, tell you all about the significance of its architecture. For example, if it’s a villain’s lair, there is a good chance the house was designed by John Lautner or Richard Neutra. If that ever comes up during a trivia night, you can thank her later.